Follow the top college women’s lacrosse teams IN SEASON on the Road to the Final Four and a National Championship  

#1 James Madison University ("JMU")

National Champions


James Madison University (“JMU”) captured their first NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship by defeating Boston College 16-15 over Memorial Day weekend 2018. 

Ranked only #17 pre-season, JMU opened their season defeating top ranked UNC in overtime 15-14 to set the tone for the season.  While the lacrosse world did not fully appreciate the team’s potential, JMU had an outstanding year losing only to Maryland 12-15 in the regular season, winning the CAA Tournament and earning the #3 seed for NCAA National Tournament.    

“We are JMU” – the Dukes entered their 50th season under Head Coach, Shelley Klaes-Bawcombe, focused and determined to win a national championship.  One game at a time – the Dukes “chipped” away at this dream which became a reality when they defeated Boston College in the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Finals.

The national championship was the result of years of dedication and heard work led by an outstanding senior class: Kristen Gaudian (Tewaaraton Finalist), Corinne Schmidt, Katie Kerrigan, Morgan Hardt, Rebecca Tooker, Haley Warden (Outstanding Player of National Tournament) and Elena Romesburg.

JMU’s Road to National Championship was truly a team effort from an outstanding zone defense to an attack with multiple players capable of scoring in any game.  In the end the underdogs won – they believed in each other, the team and earned their first national title.



#2 UNC                             W  15-14 (OT)

VA Tech                            W  16-11 

UConn                               W  21-9

High Point                      W  13-11

Temple                            W  19-7

Penn State                      W  14-12

Rutgers                            W  16-8

Richmond                      W  14-9

Maryland                         L  12-15

UC Davis                          W  15-5 

Delaware                         W  19-5

Drexel                              W  15-2

William & Mary           W  21-4

Elon                                  W  15-3

UVA                                  W  15-10

Hofstra                           W  15-10

Towson                           W  16-10


Delaware                       W  17-5 

Towson                          W  16-10 


UVA                                  W  15-12 

Florida                            W  11-8 

UNC                                  W  15-12 

Boston College            W  15-16 



Boston College was undefeated and #1 ACC team heading into the post season play but came up short against UNC in the ACC Championship game resulting in the #4 seed for the NCAA tournament.  Kenzie Kent is redshirting her senior year after ice hockey so that she can play a full season of lacrosse in 2019.  

Boston College went head-to-head with Maryland at the NCAA Championship game last year so watch for them to return to the Final Four and go after a national title.  Sam Apuzzu leads the team with draws and is a scoring machine.  Dempsey Arsenault is an all around great player who dominates the midfield and comes through to score on attack with Kaileen Hart and Emma Schurr.  BC has a strong defense that is not easy to penetrate led by Brooke Troy, Hannah Hyatt and Elizabeth Miller.  Veteran lefty goalkeeper,  Lauren Daly, enters her third year in the goal and works well with her defense.

The Eagles undefeated regular season and wins against top ranked teams, show they are on the Road to the Final Four but with Kent on the sidelines.  Dartmouth, VA Tech and Syracuse tested BC in the final games of the regular season but the Eagles stayed strong to pull out the wins.  BC suffered their first loss of the season at the ACC Championship Game against UNC – a loss they will build on as they face a tough section of the NCAA draw meeting undefeated Stony Brook in the Quarter Finals this weekend.


Notre Dame                     W  13-11

Holy Cross                        W  20-2

Boston University         W  18-6

UMass                                W  19-9

Brown                                 W  22-12

#11 Navy                            W  20-14

Binghampton                 W  14-2

USC                                     W  13-12

San Diego State              W  19-8

Louisville                         W  19-10

Yale                                     W  13-9

UNC                                    W  17-11

Virginia                            W  15-12

Duke                                 W  18-8

Dartmouth                    W  13-20

VA Tech                           W  9-7

Syracuse                          W  13-12


Louisville                         W  19-6

Notre Dame                    W  17-7

UNC                                     L  11-14


Princeton                        W  16-10

Stony Brook                   W  12-11 (2OT)

Maryland                        W  15-13

JMU                                   L  15-16



As the 2017 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Champions, Maryland knows how to win a national title under Head Coach, Cathy Reese

The attack is led by Megan Whittle and lefty, Caroline Steele.  Whittle is the leading all time scorer for Maryland approaching 300 career goals.  Maryland’s midfield is anchored by Jen Giles, Freshman Grace Griffin and  Kali Hartshorn leading the team with draw controls.  The Terps are backed by an outstanding defense with Julia Braig, Kathy Rudkin (Syracuse transfer) and Lizzie Colson.  Megan Taylor enters her third season in goal and does a great job working with the defensive unit to disrupt and shut down an attack.  

Maryland’s only loss came against UNC in overtime at the beginning of the season and since then the Terps are undefeated against top teams.  The Terps had a close game against Princeton but pulled out a win and know how to operate under pressure.  Maryland dominated the Big Ten Championship defeating Johns Hopkins and Penn State for their third consecutive title.  Maryland has the experience and knows how to win national championships – the Terps are going after their 2nd consecutive and 15th NCAA title – Fear the Turtle!


William & Mary               W  18-7

Florida                                 W  16-4

UNC                                      L  16-15 (ot) 

UMBC                                   W  21-12

Hofstra                                W  17-10

Syracuse                             W  18-11

Johns Hopkins                W  15-5

Penn                                    W  13-7

James Madison               W  15-12

Georgetown                     W  17-5

          Michigan                          W  16-9

         UVA                                      W  15-8

         Rutgers                              W  14-6

         Princeton                          W  11-10

         Ohio State                         W  20-5

         Penn State                        W  13-8

         Northwestern                  W  20-16


         Johns Hopkins               W  16-11

         Penn State                       W  21-12


         Denver                                 W  15-4

         Navy                                     W  17-15

         Boston College                  L  15-13



UNC captured their third consecutive ACC title defeating Boston College in the ACC Championship to earn the #2 seed for the NCAA tournament.  The Tar Heels have one of the best coaches in the game, Jenny Levy, who was recently named Head Coach of the US National team with over 300 wins at Carolina.    

The Tar Heels are stacked with top players: Marie McCool (2018 & 2017 ACC Midfielder of the Year), Ela Hazar (first UNC player to break 100 career assists), Maggie BillKatie Hoeg and Jamie Ortega (2018 ACC Freshman of the Year), on attack; Kara Klages in the midfield; Erin Kelly and Namoi Lerner on defense; and outstanding redshirt Freshman Goalie, Taylor Moreno.  Look for Moreno to be the difference in a big game for UNC in the NCAA tournament.

UNC had a strong season, playing top teams in the ACC and other conferences, to secure the #2 seed for the NCAA tournament.  Carolina’s only losses came to top ranked teams in the first half of the season:  JMU, Florida and Boston College, who they recently beat in the ACC Championship game.  UNC is the only team to defeat Maryland this year and shows strong momentum heading into the NCAA tournament.  Look for UNC to be in the Final Four with Marie McCool leading her team to another NCAA title.


#16 JMU                       L 14-15 (OT) 

High Point                  W  14-10

Liberty                          W  23-4

#1 Maryland              W  16-15 (OT)

#4 Florida                   L  10-17

#7 Virginia                 W  13-9

 Elon                              W  12-1

#9 Northwestern     W  18-13

#2 Boston College    L   11-17

#17 VA Tech                W  13-12

#22 Notre Dame       W  13-12

Louisville                     W  16-6

#15 Syracuse               W  20-11

Canisius                        W  22-3

#22 Duke                      W  20-10


Syracuse                         W 21-12

VA Tech                           W 14-8

Boston College             W 14-11


VA Tech                           W  17-8

Northwestern               W  19-4

JMU                                   L  12-15



The Final Four will be played at Stony Brook this year and the Seawolves are on a mission to make their first appearance and win the NCAA title. Stony Brook was ranked #1 for the last fourteen weeks beating eight nationally ranked teams but only seeded #5 in the NCAA tournament. 

The attack is breaking NCAA records with the Ohlmiller sisters, Kylie and Taryn, and Courtney Murphy who is back from a knee injury as a redshirt senior.  Kylie Ohlmiller recently broke the NCAA record for most career points (449) and assists (225) and should capture the Tewaaraton Award this year.  Courtney Murphy recently broke the NCAA record for most career goals with over 300.  

Stony Brook’s powerhouse attack is backed up by the best defense in women’s lacrosse, giving up just over 6 goals a game.  The Seawolves midfield is fast and relentless on both ends of the field with Keri McCarthy setting records with draw controls.

Stony Brook is the only undefeated team averaging over 18 goals per game and leading the NCAA with goals, assists and a defense that only allows 6.95 goals per game.  Stony Brook almost upset Maryland in the 2017 NCAA Quarterfinals last year so look for the Seawolves to get revenge and win the national title in 2018.

Update:  Stony Brook lost to Boston College in double overtime in the NCAA Quarterfinals 12-11.  The Seawolves first loss of the season marked the end of an outstanding season and career for seniors: Kylie Ohlmiller, Courtney Murphy, Samantha DiSalvo, Brooke Gubitosi and Tiffany Zullo.  

Congratulations Stony Brook on an outstanding season and building  a powerhouse program under Coach Spallina – hold your heads high with Stony Brook pride!


#5 USC                             W  14-10

#23 Stanford                 W  15-9 

#20 Denver                    W  16-3

#8 Northwestern         W  15-10

Michigan                         W  16-3

Delaware                         W  20-8

#13 Towson                    W  13-8

UMass Lowell                W  20-7

Vermont                           W  20-2

#23 Cornell                     W  19-4 

Hartford                           W  21-3

Bighampton                   W  18-5

#22 Johns Hopkins     W  15-7

New Hampshire            W  20-6

UMBC                                W  22-7

#16 Penn State              W  21-13

Albany                               W  21-8


New Hampshire         W  19-5 

Albany                            W  22-14 


UPenn                              W  18-5 

Boston College             L  12-11 (2OT) 


#44 Sydney Pirreca - Florida Gators runs down the field cradling lacrosse yellow ball with right hand, goggles and Nike white headband - 2017 NCAA Women's Lacrosse - Big East Champions © Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt - ZyGoSports


Florida won their 4th consecutive Big East Championship defeating Denver in the finals and earning #6 seed in the NCAA tournament.  Under Head Coach, Amanda O’Leary, the Gators are a powerhouse team that is still developing as a new program but definitely has the talent to win a national championship.

The Gators are an aggressive team that goes after every ball on every play.  They are not afraid to check and will do whatever it takes to win.   The Florida attack is led by Lindsey Ronbeck who scored 15 goals in the Big East Tournament setting a new conference record.  Ronbeck is supported by Freshman standout, Shannon Kavanagh, named ACC Freshman of the Year.  The Gators special sauce are the sisters: Syndey Pirreca and Shayna Pirreca.  Sydney is the Big East Co-Midfielder of the Year dominating of the field with goals, draw controls, assists and ground balls.   

Florida plays an aggressive defense led by:  Cara Trombetta, Aniya Flanagan, Caroline May and Freshman, Sabrina Cristodero.  The Gators have one of the top goalies in cage, Haley Hickley, named Big East Goalie of the Year in 2017 and 2018 with over 100 saves this season.  The Gators are a strong team who are determined to make the Final Four and win a national championship. 


#17 Colorada                     W  16-9

#1 Maryland                      L  14-16

#23 Loyola                         W  17-16

Jacksonville                       W  16-5

#3 North Carolina           W  17-10

#8 Syracuse                       L  15-17

#10 Navy                             W  19-16

Vanderbilt                          W  11-10

#14 Towson                       L   11-14

#24 Georgetown             W  16-11

UConn                                  W  21-8

Temple                                W  15-3

Villanova                            W  18-8

Marquette                          W  18-6

Cincinnati                          W  20-4

Denver                                 W  18-13

Butler                                   W  23-3


Marquette                           W 19-8

Denver                                  W 18-6


Colorado                              W  13-9

JMU                                        L  11-8