The Road to the Final Four

Stony Brook is on a mission to make the Final Four and win the 2018 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship.  Stony Brook almost upset Maryland in the 2017 NCAA Quarterfinals and with the Final Four at Stony Brook this year, Head Coach, Joe Spallina, could lead his team to a national championship and rewrite the record books.

Ranked #1 for the first time in program history, Stony Brook  started the 2018 season strong and is undefeated against tough teams.  Spallina created this powerhouse team over the last six years since joining Stony Brook in 2012 and is a turnaround master positioned for his first NCAA title.

Joe Spallina - Head Coach Stony Brook runs with sunglasses to lead his lacrosse team to a national women's lacrosse title wearing Navy blue Stony Brook Lacrosse shirt © Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt
Joe Spallina - Head Coach Stony Brook


#17 Kylie Ohlmiller (Stony Brook) with goggles and black face paint drives to goal left handed at 2017 NCAA Women's Lacrosse Quarter Finals © Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt - ZyGoSports
#17 Kylie Ohlmiller - Stony Brook - NCAA Leader Career Points (485+) and Career Assists (240+)

Stony Brook has the most dynamic and explosive attack in women’s lacrosse with a Triple Threat:

1.  Kylie Ohlmiller – 485+ points / 240+ assists (NCAA record)
2.  Taryn Ohlmiller – 116+ goals / 90+ assists
3.  Courtney Murphy – 333+ goals (NCAA record) 

The attack trio has a tremendous ability to transition through the midfield and will not stop until they score!

Kylie Ohlmiller – Tewaaraton Finalist (2017 & 2018) – one of the best lacrosse attack players ever.  A natural lefty who has tremendous vision to feed and attack the goal with speed and dynamic footwork, Kylie broke NCAA records for career points and assists in the 2018 season. 

#18 Courtney Murphy - NCAA Leader Career Goals (333+)

If Kylie wasn’t enough for a defense to handle, meet her sister – Taryn.  Together the two sisters handle both sides of the cage seamlessly with Kylie on the left and Taryn on the right.  When the defense collapses to double team Kylie, she will find her sister open to score.  The Ohlmiller sisters are in sync at all times and reinforced by the return of Courtney Murphy who broke NCAA record for career goals (333+).  

This triple threat attack is a dynamic scoring machine.  Stony Brook does not need a shot clock – they go to goal first and look to score on every opportunity.  If you let them fast break – one of them will be wide open in front of the cage to score!

#21 Taryn Ohlmiller - Stony Brook attack - cradles the ball on right to drive to goal with white Nike headband and goggles - © Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt
#21 Taryn Ohlmiller - Stony Brook


Stony Brook Midfield - #11 Samantha DiSalvo, #20 Tiffany Zullo, #24 Keri McCarthy, #30 Ally Kennedy

Stony Brook has a one of the strongest midfields in lacrosse with a strong presence on both defense and attack.  Speed and execution are key to Stony Brook’s midfield which has one of the fastest transitions in the game to set up the attack.

Keri McCarthy dominates the draws and set records in 2017 with over 100 draw controls.  Ally Kennedy helps out on the draws, plays relentless defense and adds an explosive dimension to the attack with the ability to score off any pass up top.  Tiffany Zullo is a returning starter who plays a defensive midfield role.  Samantha DiSalvo is a force all over the field with goals, assists, draw controls, ground balls and caused turnovers.

#30 Ally Kennedy midfield for Stony Brook holds lacrosse stick with sun on her face with goggles © Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt - ZyGoSports
#30 Ally Kennedy - Stony Brook
#11 Samantha DiSalvo - Stony Brook
#24 Keri McCarthy - Stony Brook


Stony Brook Defense - #1 Carolyn Carrera, #4 Carlee Janelli, #25 Brooke Gubitosi

If defenses win Championships, look for Stony Brook to be a 2018 Champion.  Anchored by Hofstra transfer Carolyn Carrera, Brook Gubitosi and Mackenzie Burns the Seawolves have one of the best defenses in women’s lacrosse.  Anna Tesoriero is solid in goal and has experience in big games to work with the defense to shut down any attack.  

Anticipation, speed and patience set the tone for Stony Brook’s defense with a tremendous ability to clear the ball and transition through the midfield at lightning speed.  The Seawolves are physical on defense everywhere on the field from the ride on attack down to a zone in their goal.  The defensive unit are all returning starters with experience together who know how to win under pressure.

#31 Anna Tesoriero - Stony Brook Goalie lunges to her weak left side with oversized lacrosse stick facing down to stop a shot in bright red jersey with a lacrosse shaft "Seawolves" © Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt
#31 Anna Tesoriero - Goalie Stony Brook
#1 Carolyn Carrera - Stony Brook - NCAA Women's Lacrosse is top defender cradles lacrosse ball with a white headband, goggles and bandage lacrosse her nose for a head injury © Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt
#1 Carolyn Carrera - Stony Brook
#25 Brooke Gubitosi - Stony Brook - NCAA Women's Lacrosse is top defender with red headband and goggles © Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt
#25 Brooke Gubitosi - Stony Brook


#2 Stony Brook

Road to a National Championship

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